No Turning Back Ministries Enrichment Services, established in the spring of 2010 is created to empower women, bring strength and knowledge in Bible facts and intimacy with God. The ministry is based on biblical principles. NTBM desires to help others find answers in God’s word to problems and trials encountered in their daily lives.  We are deep-rooted for transformation, and the principles that define transformation including working towards, change, character and being transformed not to turn back. NTBM is committed to serving women throughout the Tarrant and Dallas counties.
Mission Statement
Healing Hearts
He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalms 147:3
We are a ministry founded on biblical principles. We serve in the spirit of excellence with compassion, agape love and integrity for women, families, community from diverse background.   We have established an outstanding reputation for reaching battered, unconfident, and misguided women, families, and communities at the heart of their issues and direct them on a spiritual  pathway that shift them away from preset limitations, harm, and fears, while also preparing them to embrace their future without shackles. We are recognized for our dedication to personal, spiritual excellence, mentoring, and supporting spiritual embracement. Our environment inspires maximum participation, promotes personal satisfaction, and supports and shapes effective leadership.


  • Encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering all women, families and communities.
  • Showing agape love with dignity and respect.
  • Leaving a legacy of hope and promise to future generations.


  • Live what we teach say and do
  • Operate the business professionally and efficiently.
  • Provide the best spiritual guidance and programs.

NTBM seek to become a voice, of spiritual and economic hope, encouragement and empowerment to women, families, and communities throughout Tarrant and Dallas counties.

Contact Information

Founder/Traci Franklin-Woods
No Turning Back Ministries
P. O. Box 8826
Fort Worth, TX 76124
Email: ntbm@noturningbackministries.org